The Battle of the Oranges is the most spectacular part of the Historical Carnival of Ivrea, and a fantastic representation of the town's rebellion against the tyrant. The Battle of the Oranges is fought for three days, from Sunday to Shrove Tuesday. It is played between the nine teams on foot, who represent the people who revolted, and the "Aranceri" (orange-throwers) on horse-drawn carriages, who play the role of feudal armies. The Battle is a heady mix of enthusiasm and earnest dedication, it isn't unfrequent to spot rivals shaking hands in sign of respect, recognizing each other's the skill and bravery. 

Each of the teams have their own established location in the city. The throwers on carts are divided into carriages and pairs (two horses) and quadrilles (four shots). They alternate heading info the town squares for a few minutes, giving life to battles against the teams on foot. Horses are considered to be the main stars of the event, they have always been taken care with great love and respect.

(From the Carnival guide realized by M.C.S. media Srl)

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